We Are Changing the Education Sector in Africa

We are an Edtech/Fintech firm that is focused on creating solutions in the education space. Our main objective is to smoothen operations for players in the education sector; Parents, Students, School owners, Associations and other players. 

We are all about investing in our future; Our children. Karopay believes that the urgency of a child missing school measures up to that of global warming and the other contentious issues of global scale. Karopay focuses on developing innovative solutions that break the barriers that limit education in Africa.Our solutions are not only timely, unique and convenient but also relevant. They draw from personal experiences of our founders, partners and many around the world that we are in collaboration with.


We are lucky to have such a diversified and enthusiastic team that is fully dedicated to our vision. If you would like to lean from or join our vibrant family please reach out to us.