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Our drive is fueled by innovation since we believe that in a world that is constantly shifted by the heavy currents of technology, competitive markets, climate change and emerging cultures, the plausible strategy to stay afloat is to keep innovating.


Remaining true to ourselves is the secret ingredient to how we sustain our honesty to clients. We embrace the highest level of ethical behaviour in every function of our operations thus translating into trusting clients and stakeholders.We strongly believe in relationships built on mutual trust.


We believe that teamwork makes dreamwork. Everyone’s opinion is very important. And everyone should always be involved in decision making. Working together is the virtue that has stimulated our growth so far. Having seen this firsthand, collaboration is core to our belief.

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Pay your school fees through a flexible payment option.

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Manage everything in your school from one application.

Pay all your staff/suppliers from the click of one button.

Access financing to ensure you stay liquid;

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Do you have any offerings for special schools?

Yes, most of our products are free for schools for students with special needs.

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